A family racing team formed in 2007, the Ferrara Racing team has been a competitive participant in both Regional and National SCCA club races. This family team works together to ensure the success of their two drivers: Tom Ferrara, and his daughter, Dani Ferrara.

Tom began his racing career in Skip Barber formula cars in the 1990’s then moved on to racing a Spec Miata in 2007 when he recruited Dani to be his Crew Chief. Tom ran a full season in 2008 and earned the Oregon Region SCCA ITA Championship for that year. Tom continued racing throughout 2009 and 2010.

In 2011, Dani earned her SCCA Novice Permit and began racing the team’s Spec Miata, successfully completing her novice requirements and finishing 3rd in points in the Oregon Region SCCA STL Championship. She was also signed as a developmental driver for Team KBR, a local team based out of Vancouver, WA. Team KBR has provided Dani with professional private coaching and crew to add to her growth as a driver. She is preparing to race professionally in the coming years.

Dani and Tom now share their Spec Miata, which causes some complications, but it's all in good fun. The rest of the family enjoys hanging out at the track and helping in any way they can. It is a very special thing for Tom and Dani to share this passion of theirs not only with each other but also with their whole family.