Dani Ferrara's first interaction with racing was at the age of 3, when her dad, Tom, took her on a trip with him to visit Nazareth Speedway for a Champ Car race. Tom says even then she was fascinated with all that was happening on track and in the paddock, and didn't want to leave until they were done packing up. Soon after that trip Tom got the chance to start his racing career as he stepped into racing formula cars with Skip Barber. His wife, Daria, along with his two daughters, Dani and Tara, loved supporting him and cheering him on when he was racing. It has always been a family event for them.

Just a few years later they decided to make a big move from their home in New York to the small town of Bend, OR. This had a big impact on their life and Tom had to put his racing on hold in order to support his family. While they still attended some races, Tom would not be on track again until years later.
In 2007 things began to pick up again and Tom bought a Spec Miata to race at Portland International Raceway. He had never owned a racecar before and it was all a new adventure for him, one that his family was excited to go on with him. By this time Tom and Daria had also had another child, their son Chris, who was equally thrilled to see his dad race. This introduced a new side of racing to all of them, one that drew Dani in quickly.

Her dad made Dani his crew chief and his family the crew, changing tires for him, checking pressures, adding fuel, helping with adjustments to the car, and of course cheering him on. They loved helping their dad get out there to race and making the car the best they could so he could be competitive. Little did Dani know, a desire to race had been growing in her since she took that trip to Nazareth with her dad. Each year when March would roll around, excitement for the new racing season would be evident in the Ferrara household. The family watched and cheered as Tom improved and moved up in positions. He even claimed quite a few top five finishes in SM, and many wins in ITA which won him the championship for ITA in 2008.

2010 brought a new outlook for Dani. After dreaming of racing for the past few years, things were finally starting to come together to get her out on track as well. That summer, Tom began teaching her some of the essential skills she woud need to race, all in preparation for the HPDE day she would be driving in October. Her dad was her coach; they had a great father/daughter day driving their race car on track.

Now, in 2011, Tom and Dani are both racing their #00 green spec miata. It has been an exciting year so far for the Ferrara family as they continue racing. Although sharing the car brings some complications, they love nothing more than being able to race together.